EN8000 Vibration Monitoring Analysis& Fault Diagnosis Expert System

    ENVADA’s EN8000 system is an online vibration monitoring, vibration analysis and fault diagnosis expert system (TSI+TDM+ES). It can be applied to all large and medium sized rotating machinery.

    The EN8000 system has particularly powerful functions in vibration analysis and fault diagnosis, it can automatically and continuously monitor various important status parameters of online devices, which include key-phase/rotational speed, shaft vibration (swing), casing vibration, eccentricity, expansion difference, shaft shift, etc. and many procedural parameters, such as temperature, pressure, load and opening, etc.

    Our company owns the full intellectual property of EN8000 system and this product is featured in powerful expandability and maintainability. This product has been ISO 9001 certified at an earlier time as compared with those in the same industry and now there are more than 100 sets running on site and being welcomed by users.

Function Characteristics

Main Technological Specification



Input Signals

Signals from isplacement、speed and acceleration sensors,process parameters and output signals from intelligent instruments.

Measuring Range

Rotation speed 0-5000r/min,0-20000r/min;Vibration 0-500μm,0-2000μm;

Shaft shift 、Expansion+15mm;Current4-20mA

Measuring Error

Rotation Speed ≤1r/min,Vibration≤1μm,Shaft shift、Expansion<0.01mm,Others<0.1%

Frequency Analysis Range

1/16X-32X,1/4X-128X etc., the low limit of frequency is 0.5Hz through compensation

Maximum A/D Collecting Speed


System Overall Consumption



Communicate with the in-plant DCS and MIS systems and the remote fault diagnosis center.

Main Function

1.Flexible System Setup& Audio-visual Monitoring Displays



    The industrial configuration is adopted ,which enables the parameters monitoring be edited online, including free frequency amplitude, characteristic amplitude, feature parameter , etc. and also include the display characteristics of x-y plot graphs, bar charts, list, digit displays, curves, etc.



2.Complete signal analysis graph

    The EN8000 system has complete signal analysis function to undertak fault monitoring and analysis. This includes time domain analysis (waveform, orbit of shaft centerline, position of shaft center, trend analysis, shafting simulation), frequency analysis (spectrum, detailed spectrum, reverse spectrum, waterwaterfall graph, filter analysis), variable speed analysis (Baud graph, polar graph, cascade graph), time domain analysis (small wave transform, relative trend analysis, comparison analysis), etc. It has many additional functions, including event and data list, variation alarm, target graph analysis, etc.



    The system has detailed additional information of the usage and application of the various vibration analysis graphs. To imrove diagnosis of faults, some signal analysis methods are reprocessed. For example, for complex vibration analysis of gears and bearings, allows the display of peak-peak value, absolute average value, effective value, slant, steepness, crest factor. The original waveform and spectrum and the filtered waveform and spectrum (low frequency pass-band, high frequency pass-band, frequency pass-band, attenuation band) can also be displayed. The waterfall graph, trend analysis that reflects the s variation of hydraulic generator varying with rotational speed, voltage and opening (load) variation of nozzle guide vanes can be displayed.


3. Advanced fault diagnosis expert system

Following the research discovery of fault diagnosis reverse inference and the feature and requirement of fault diagnosis problems, the EN8000 system has beendeveloped as a fault diagnosis expert system (engineer aided system) based on scientific diagnosis theory and advanced diagnosis techniques. It has an open knowledge base which is suitable for applicaion to turbine generators, hydraulic generators, compressors/fans, gears, bearings, etc. It also has an advanced knowledge process mode and powerful automated symptom acquisition ability. Thus it is able to reliably diagnose monitored device faults in real time.



     This system can diagnose many different faults, including unbalance, parts falling off, misalignment, shaft bending, rotor impact damge and friction, loose components, magnetoelectric force unbalance, oil film oscillation, steam flow excitation vibration, friction between dynamic and static parts, resonance, steam corrosion, reduced rotational speed, asthma vibration, gear wear, gear point corrosion, gear misalignment, broken gear teeth, internal and external bearing race faults roller bearing faults, etc. and provide credible diagnoses with evidence of probable outcomes together with advice on how to deal with the fault.


     The system adopts the logic mode based on the combination of rules, models and experience, using the positive and negative mixed reasoning strategy, the device fault can be diagnosed automatically or through interactive dialogue. Even less experienced operators can expect a high level diagnosis accuracy because of the intelligent and automation level of the system. The system has a powerful help function and provides the feature, spectrum, examples of typical faults, correction processes for common faults, vibration standard, etc.


4. Multiple balance calculation methods

The system provides multiple balance calculation methods, including least square effect coefficient calculation method, harmonic component effect coefficient calculation method, vector addition and subtraction operation, estimation of residual vibration, etc. to automatically calculate size and phase of mass weighted for balance at multiple speeds, multiple planes, multiple measuring points.



5. Perfect Network Communication

    The EN8000 system has been designed around a Client/Server network construction and is able to upgrade software online. It can data share and data switch using an MIS system inside a factory through standard TCP/IP communication protocol and program compiled using Winsock protocols. It supports remote diagnosis function. The system contruction varies with the number and quantity of the objects monitored.


6.  Quality after sales service

    The EN8000 system has been developed under ISO 9001 quality systems and has been successfully used by hundreds of clients. It is a fully-mature product where Envada provides timely, comprehensive and quality after sales service for clients.

² Installation and commission of complete system

² Quality guarantee for three years

² Software upgrades free of charge throughout its lifetime

² Competitively priced spares

² On site service within 48 hours if any problem occurs

² Free technical training and consultation

Order Guide

Consultation before placing an order: this system is of modular design and it is configured according to the quantity and nature of measuring points as well as concrete requirements of users, thus please contact us before placing an order and we shall invite senior experts to provide you with technical consulting service free of charge.

Basic modules: this system could be configured in accordance with the quantity of monitoring units and the user requirement, and refer to the following forms for the basic modules.

The functions and technical indicators of EN8000 may be different due to different monitoring objects and user requirements.
One key phase/ revolution signal is required usually to ensure the sampling in the full period. For certain compressors or air blowers with gear box, two key phase/ revolution signals are required. For equipment with stable revolution or unimportant equipment, the manual key phase on the vibration acquisition board could be adopted and it is not required to install key phase/revolution sensor.
We have accumulated rich on-site experience on the centralized monitoring and display of the vibration and procedure parameters as well as industrial control, and we may help you to design, install and debug if the original equipment needs to go through technological transformation.
The intelligent data acquisition box could be used to collect sensor signals directly, and secondary instrument is not required by some equipment, such as hydroelectric generator set and air blow, in order to reduce the cost.
Don't hesitate to contact Beijing ENVADA for details (Tel: 010- 62198800, Fax: 010- 62139855)