Paperless Recorders, Flow and Heat Energy Totalizers, Vibration Monitoring and Protection, Digital Regulators
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    ENVADA is a high-technology enterprise founded in China by the English company ISHWAY Ltd. in 1992. It has two major strands of business based upon its research development and production facilities:

· Vibration monitoring
   protection & fault diagnosis;
· Data recording &
   control instrumentation


Product Range

  Industrial Control Products

  Vibration Monitoring Products

Concept & Culture of ENVADA

ENVADA has expanded rapidly since it as founded, and the development team is mainly composed of staff qualified to Doctoral or Masters Level. This provides a solid theoretical basis, in depth experience, youthful spirit and untiring passion. ....

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  Vibration Monitoring Products
  Industrial Control Products
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  TEL: +86 01062198800
British Headquarter: Address: 1 Rangemore Hall Mews, Rangemore, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE13, 9RE UK.
Tel: +44 1283 716400 Fax: +44 1283 716417 ICP NO:09096156